Monday, March 17, 2014

Just once I’d like to whimper
Elegantly on your street corner
And have somebody take
A nuanced photograph.

Call it a pictorialist nocturn, call it incriminating evidence.

I’ve never felt romance.

Romance pt II
Just once I’d like to throw
Beer bottles at someone’s house,
And watch a bedroom light snap on,
From the ambient ricochet.
Call it a cosmic explosion, call it a straight pussy move.

I’ve never felt romance.

Romance pt III
Just once I’d like an oily hand
To shove food up the front of
My teeth so I could feel
Something all night.

Call it a beautiful erection, call it a reason to see a doctor.

I’ve never felt romance.

Behind the scenes: Inside the making of Romance pt I-III
Seriously how the fuck do you spell ricochet?
I had to look that shit up in a search engine

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