Friday, May 24, 2013

Solo at the end of 16 Blue
My parents got a new bathtub in the upstairs bathroom.
They had to cut into the closet of what used to be my room
To fit the thing in there.
Used to be that my room was a perfect square with an alcove in one corner.
The wallpaper had blue and pink hearts and was stained all over from
My dirty fingers.
Not anymore.
So I’m home for my yearly 18 hr Christmas.
I’m tired of reading and talking about myself so
I take a bath in this new crazy tub.
Used to be that as I undressed in front of the bathroom window
I would open the curtain a little so the guy cutting the lawn could
See me naked if he looked up at the right time.
Best I could do to get the old feeling was playing the Replacements 
While the bubbles from the Jacuzzi jets tickled my sensitive areas. 

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