Monday, May 20, 2013

Greg Miller

Greg Miller saved a lady’s life, who was choking at a Wendy’s
By doing a wrestling move on her while he was high as a motherfucker.
They wrote about it in the paper. I should know, I was there. 

Greg Miller spent a night in juvey after punching a kid in school with a roll of quarters hidden in his hand. His dad had to bring him Velcro sneakers to wear, because they assume the kids will hang themselves with the laces. Where does a 16-year-old delinquent get a roll of quarters? I should know, I was there.

Greg Miller had a barn in his backyard. He had a New Year’s Eve party there once
With a keg and everything. I reached the sublime playing Mortal Combat on mushrooms at that place. He told people he lost his virginity to me but I don’t believe it. I should know, I was there.  

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