Friday, May 24, 2013

fragments. Shoes no socks....or whatever...

Lucretia, Livy book 3
He said, you can have it anyway you want it, baby,
As he did the things that he liked the ways that he wanted.
See how good I am to you? See how hard I am for you?

Sword in his hand or dagger from the drawer,
Either way. Lucretia on her knees again.

Dear M--
You used to watch porn on the basement computer with the sound off so no one would know.
The first time we kissed in my bed you came in your shorts and I thought it was
The most romantic thing anyone had ever done for me.

Dear god,
I don’t wanna be some jerk off’s girlfriend.
Please let me die alone, with a pile of cash and an attic full of stuff.

The Date Scene in Basketcase
I’m having a wonderful time
Sorry about my idiot brother.

The plot to a movie that may or may not have been released on Criterion Collection
I had a doctor cut my memories of you out of my brain.
Afterward I saw you by accident and I had forgotten your name.
But I really wanted to do dirty things to you, what’s up with that?

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