Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ego at the Party
A girl told me I looked beautiful, I didn’t believe her,
Then I saw another girl tell another girl she looked beautiful.
Two people got engaged.
I was happy for them and that was the right way to feel.
Everyone had something to talk about.
A guy said, I’m sorry to be that guy and do this,
But I forgot your name.
A guy took a video of me dancing on his phone.
A guy in a cap and European brand zip-up jacket
Told me that I had style and then told me he was
In the music industry.
A guy asked for my sauce recipe and I told
Another guy I’d been listening to Chrome a lot lately.
Two guys gave me high fives.
I bummed a few cigarettes from people because I was running
Low, and I need what I need.
I opened the door and people were taking shots of stuff in the hall,
I wanted one too and I got one.
I sat during songs I hated and danced during songs I liked.
I told a joke and three people laughed.
A guy introduced me to another guy saying I was a beautiful singer.
A guy introduced me to another guy saying I was funny and did cool stuff.
I told a joke and at least five people laughed.
I went to a different group of people and told the
Same joke and maybe two people laughed,
But they weren’t as cool as the first group so it didn’t matter.
I told this one guy to tell this other guy a story
That I’d heard him tell before that’s good.
He told it and everyone laughed. 

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